Little Romance

Little Romance

‚I’m catching you! I can handle you!‘
– She said nothing…
and yet everything about her seemed to make my exclamation ridiculous.

‚You’ll see! The world will lie at our feet!‘
A gleam of light suddenly awakened a shadow on her, a
Shadow, which made me believe, that she blatantly grins me in the face.
Blank scorn struck me.

I grabbed her tighter, pulled her closer to me.
– She did not resist. She just fiercely glared at me.

This was another one of her rotten tricks.
‚We both know how this ends‘, she seemed to whisper.
Every millimeter of her bare body seemed to say so.

‚Not this time! Not with me!‘
I desperately fought back against the power,
that emanated from her, inhuman.

I took a deep breath.
She still lied motionless in my arms.
Somehow a creeping coldness emanated from her.
This time she would do what I asked from her.

I nestled her against me,
letting her feel my fevered heart.
‚I love her‘, it flashed through me again.
‚She and no other.‘
Even if she understands me so little.
Yet more, than any other.

I clasped her neck, pursed my lips.
My breath flickered.
– She did not seem to breathe.

‚I have waited so long for this moment, my love.‘
I took another deep breath.
Then I slowly moved my lips to her.
As we touched each other, I almost felt like being struck by a lightning.

She seemed to feel nothing of the sort.
She didn’t seem to notice my arousal.
I erupted in fervent lust for her.
– She didn’t seem to care.

Slowly, very slowly and infinitely gentle
I began to breathe my hot breath into her.
And while the breath of my body flooded her,
she seemed to come to life for the first time that night.

When my hands glided very carefully, tenderly
and playfully over her body,
suddenly a gentle, delicate and
beautiful melody sounded,
very softly.

I stood up, pulling her with me.
Still clutching her,
but now she willingly complied with my lovemaking.
We swayed our bodies slowly in the shimmer of the mesmerizing music.
My lips still clung to her.

I had captured her and had elicited what she could give, the meaning of her existence.

Hot and fluttering I felt her flowing breath on my hands.
The music sounded enchanting.
The world was at our feet.
Both to me and my saxophone.

The World is Confusing

While the world is made up of many different levels of perception, which intersect and overlap, it is increasingly difficult to see the big picture.

At night you are less distracted by bright colors and it is easier to see the patterns and connections. Therefore this work of art automatically changes to day or night mode every 12 hours.

The work is part of my series of digital remasters of my old drawings. It is based on a drawing from 1990, that I digitally recreated by accurately following the lines using a graphics drawing tablet before I filled the shapes with single colors.

The World is Confusing – Autonomous Art 90/20

You can also place an offer at AsyncArt.

Mind Puzzle

Life is a big puzzle game made up of many different events and experiences, some of which are interrelated and overlap. The more experiences we gather, the more complex and colorful the overall picture becomes.

But over time, the perception, emotional coloring and evaluation of different events and memories changes. Some things we may remember only vaguely after a while.

Thus, the inner thought puzzle of each individual constantly reflects life and yet is greater than the sum of its parts.

The work has been created as part of a conversation with my younger self and the search for my signature style, that I started in July 2020.

It is based on a ballpen drawing from about 1990, that I digitally recreated by accurately following the lines using a graphics drawing tablet. Next I filled the shapes with digital colors before I finally decided to split the work into several puzzle-pieces, that can be independently change hue or alternatively display the outlines to turn it into an interactive AsyncArt work.

Mind Puzzle – Original Drawing and Digital Remaster

Read the background story of all the different puzzle-pieces here!

You can also bid on the master and all the different puzzle pieces at AsyncArt.

Dress-up Doll

„Dress-up Doll“ – digital art 2020

It’s really interesting to see, how working with AsyncArt already influenced my style. Whenever I create something these days, I’m thinking about how great it is to not only provide one finished work but a whole bunch of possibilities.

Available in an edition of 1/3 at KnownOrigin.

#asyncArt #collage #digitalArt #workinProgress

Fly Files

My first solo-artwork at the revolutionary #cryptoart platform AsyncArt

Asynchronous Art is an experimental art movement born out of the question “what does art look like when it can be programmed?” What if art could evolve over time, react to its owners, or pull data from the outside world? It’s time to find out what’s possible when modern art takes full advantage of the digital medium.

„The work deals both with the question of the ethical limits and dangers of scientific research (as in the film „The Fly“), the philosophical and sociological consequences of a transformation (as in Kafka’s „The Metamorphosis“), and not least with the question of what actually distinguishes us humans from insects.“

Above is just one of countless combinations, here are some more.

Fly Files – some of the different possible states

The respective owners of the different layers will be able to control the background, body and head states. The latter can even scale, rotate and change the position of the „Fly Files“ heads.

Place your bids here!

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