Mind Puzzle

Life is a big puzzle game made up of many different events and experiences, some of which are interrelated and overlap. The more experiences we gather, the more complex and colorful the overall picture becomes.

But over time, the perception, emotional coloring and evaluation of different events and memories changes. Some things we may remember only vaguely after a while.

Thus, the inner thought puzzle of each individual constantly reflects life and yet is greater than the sum of its parts.

The work has been created as part of a conversation with my younger self and the search for my signature style, that I started in July 2020.

It is based on a ballpen drawing from about 1990, that I digitally recreated by accurately following the lines using a graphics drawing tablet. Next I filled the shapes with digital colors before I finally decided to split the work into several puzzle-pieces, that can be independently change hue or alternatively display the outlines to turn it into an interactive AsyncArt work.

Mind Puzzle – Original Drawing and Digital Remaster

Read the background story of all the different puzzle-pieces here!

You can also bid on the master and all the different puzzle pieces at AsyncArt.