Mind Puzzle Background Infos (Part1)

Puzzle1 // Growing up

Although I usually don’t think too much about the meaning, when I create an artwork, I will do my best to share a few thoughts about the different puzzle-pieces of my AsyncArt work „Mind Puzzle“ and what they mean to me. Hope you enjoy!

This quote by French avant-garde Dada artist Francis Picabia has always been very important to me. Especially as I grew up in a Christian sect, where everything was extremely regulated and the world was divided into right and wrong, good and evil, chosen and damned.

From the description of the Puzzle layer you can see, that there is a face (probably a self-portrait) in a transparent box.

A head in a transparent box from which a plant with beautiful flowers grows. Next to it a foot that breaks out of the rigid structure. Where does it go?

It needed some art, namely the literature works by Hermann Hesse to plant a seed of doubt in my head. Something, that slowly started to grow and similar to a grassroots revolution gave me confidence to start to think outside the box of my cage of belief.

When I drew the original sketch of the Mind Puzzle, I had already left my parent’s home and the world of faith of my childhood and youth for two years and was hungry to discover the world. I was eager to find and follow my own path and a few beautiful thoughts should blossom in the process.

Please visit the AsyncArt website, if you’re interested in owning this layer.

Like every layer, it has the ability to change hue and display outlines only (as a reference to the original drawing).

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