About the Artist

Jörn Bielewski (*1969) is an artist and "digital native" working at the intersection of art and technology.
Jörn Bielewski

Already in the time before the Internet was known, he dialed into mailbox networks with his Commodore C-64 computer and an acoustic coupler.

In 1988 he started to study computer science with a minor in art, but had to break off his studies due to his family situation and then started to work for a television production company.

That’s where he learned sound engineering, camera work and editing, which increasingly turned from analog to digital at the end of the 90s. So he was able to live out his creativity in connection with technology again.

Since he started his own business as a cameraman and editor in 2001, he has produced videos for countless television stations and international corporations.

His love for art and the urge to express himself in it was again fired when he started blogging about his art on the blockchain-based internet platform „Steemit“ in 2016.

Very soon he realized the potential of blockchain technology, which for him meant a revolution similar to the invention of the Internet.

To this day, he is artistically engaged with the new possibilities of this technology, which will fundamentally change the distribution channels and accessability of art.

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