Fly Files

My first solo-artwork at the revolutionary #cryptoart platform AsyncArt

Asynchronous Art is an experimental art movement born out of the question “what does art look like when it can be programmed?” What if art could evolve over time, react to its owners, or pull data from the outside world? It’s time to find out what’s possible when modern art takes full advantage of the digital medium.

„The work deals both with the question of the ethical limits and dangers of scientific research (as in the film „The Fly“), the philosophical and sociological consequences of a transformation (as in Kafka’s „The Metamorphosis“), and not least with the question of what actually distinguishes us humans from insects.“

Above is just one of countless combinations, here are some more.

Fly Files – some of the different possible states

The respective owners of the different layers will be able to control the background, body and head states. The latter can even scale, rotate and change the position of the „Fly Files“ heads.

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