Mind Puzzle Background Infos (Part8)

Puzzle8 // The Web

This is the 8th part of my blog-series about the different puzzle-pieces of my latest /asyncart work called „Mind Puzzle„.

The Web

An endlessly interwoven structure reminiscent of a spider’s web. There is a head wearing a hat caught in the middle.

From the pieces description

I’m an early adaptor and so I was already dialing up mailboxes with my C64 and my Ascom acoustic coupler in the pre-internet days. Even when I started studying computer science in 1988, the internet was still in its infancy. It should take another 10 years and some massive marketing by AOL, until it was adopted by the masses.

But I knew from the very beginning, that it would be a revolution for humanity like the invention of cars, telephony and television had been before. But I had some friends, that were rather sceptical about the new technology. Their biggest fear was to loose real-life relationships while more and more people started to connect virtually.

The Leg

On the left side you can see a long leg stretched out of the structure on which a small figure is standing.

While some people had the fear to get caught in the web (the hat stands for being conservative and looking out for squalls), others (like me) saw it as a huge leap for mankind to jump out of their limited world-view and connect with likeminded people around the world.


At the height of the foot you can see an „el“ that could stand for both El Niño (unusual ocean currents) and El Dorado (a mythical city of gold).

El Niño (Spanish for „the boy, the child“, here: „the Christ child“) is the name given to the occurrence of unusual, non-cyclical, altered ocean currents in the oceanographic-meteorological system (El Niño-Southern Oscillation, ENSO) of the equatorial Pacific. […] The name is derived from the time of occurrence, namely at Christmas time. It originates from Peruvian fishermen, who feel the effect economically due to the absence of shoals of fish.


El Dorado is also sometimes used as a metaphor to represent an ultimate prize or „Holy Grail“ that one might spend one’s life seeking. It could represent true love, heaven, happiness, or success.


The Figures

The figure standing on the leg looks like a dancing girl for me, that raises her arms because she feels free and can start to express herself in every possible way.

It is facing another figure that looks as if it is being held by paper clips.

The other figure is held by paper clips, which stand for the old analog world. Still uncertain but amazed, she looks at the incredible new possibilities.

The puzzle piece has already found a collector, but you can always make the current owner an offer here.

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