Mind Puzzle Background Infos (Part7)

Puzzle7 // The Double Bass Player

I’ve had some of the most exciting times in my personal #cryptoart history during the last few months.

I’ve not only sold all available puzzle-pieces and the master of „Mind Puzzle“ (for a total of 7.5 Eth) , but I’ve also made a bunch of sales at Rarible.

It felt a bit like the time of harvesting after I’ve put so much time and energy in my art during the last year.

Much thanks to everybody, who encouraged and supported me by commenting, spotting, collecting and sharing!

You all helped me to make this my most successful #cryptoart work to date.

But now enjoy the seventh part of a blog-series about the different puzzle-pieces of my latest /asyncart work called „Mind Puzzle„.

The Double Bass Player

This is actually a reference to a roommate in my living community, who studied playing the double-bass at the local music college. He generally was a nice guy and I was always fascinated by his instrument. I remember, that we’ve even played a few sessions, after he had listened to my dadaistic sounds (that I’ve already mentioned in Puzzle4 // The Dancer).

I also remember, that he was not only running around the flat with a bare ass at times, but also already had a half-bald head (which almost looks like a third eye in the drawing).

Although he was generally supporting me and even noticed my creative vein, my life was a touch too chaotic during that time. So all the good vibes suddenly disappeared, when I had met my girlfriend, who was not only creative, young and sexy, but also had the habit to tell people, what to do and what not.

The Girl with the Mask

From the description:

His right ear goes over into the head of a woman standing next to the bass player. It looks like she’s wearing a mask that reminds me of „Pussy Riot“. She is also holding up a kind of flag, sewn together from many small pieces.

My new girlfriend was kind of radical and started to tell the double-bass player and my other roommate, that they should stop eating meat and go vegan and things like that. She also had some kind of a Bipolar disorder and the flag, she’s holding, is a reference to this kind of complicated personality.

Personally I was so busy with my own life and with my new love, that I probably had forgotten to care enough for my room and my roommates.

It finally all went down the drain, when my roommates suddenly decided to kick me out. I didn’t even had a new flat or something and was forced to park my few things in the cellar of some friends.

Another friend invited me to live in his dorm room during his summer-travels and from there I was able to start my alternative service (with my own space), that I’ve mentioned in Puzzle3 // The Knight of the Frog.

Layer already sold

Like I mentioned in the introduction, the layer has already been collected. You can certainly always try to make an offer at the AsyncArt page or via OpenSea.

The current owner already received a bid of 1 Eth on the puzzle-piece (which is double the amount he picked it up for), but rejected.

I’m super eager to see, which journey all the puzzle pieces will take and where they will end up.

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