Mind Puzzle Background Infos (Part9)

Puzzle9 // Origin and Destination

It’s time to finish this series of background infos about my „Mind Puzzle“ while it has been resold on the secondary market for 5 Eth already (after the initial sale of 3 Eth). I was happy to get to know the new collector a bit and I’ve been absolutely blown away by his enthusiasm regarding my art. I would really like to thank him for his appreciation! But now lets finish this series!


The head from which the whole puzzle seems to have emerged. It looks like the whole structure is resting on it.

I really see this face, which is located at the bottom center of the artwork, as a self-portrait. The whole „Mind Puzzle“ seems to evolve from that.

Right next to it a dog or a cat with a long tail that turns around.

While the head usually stands for cognitive thinking, animals represent more like the natural aspect of subconsciousness and feelings. This might be a hint, that not everything in the „Mind Puzzle“ actually comes from the mind. It’s more holistic and also includes feelings and dreams, I can express while creating art.


To the right of the head there is a one-eyed figure with its arms spread out. The jacket is printed with crosses, which both symbolize the end and can be interpreted as a series of plus signs.

I interpret this figure as my future self, that spreads his arms to welcome me. The cross can be a symbol for death as well as sign of salvation. It usually expresses the meeting point of different elements or spirits (like heaven-earth). Also as a plus symbol it has the meaning of adding something to your life by all the experiences you make.

There is a small path coming from the face’s eye and leading to this figure. You can also see some sort of a hill and the basic structure of a house to the left and some kind of jungle to the right.

It runs into a kind of jungle, thus completing the circle of the puzzle that began with a plant.

I like the idea, that we’re all running in circles or spirals, that we go back to the place, where we’ve come from (just with a different consciousness). Also some people believe in the idea of a paradise, which is described as a peaceful garden, while others believe humanity evolved from apes once living in the jungle.

Somebody’s watching

Above it a kind of eye is hovering that can stand for both surveillance and enlightenment.

The watching eye is usually a symbol for enlightenment. But in the context of the Illuminati it’s a symbol of conspiracy and only a few insiders, who are controlling the masses. For some people the idea of an all-seeing god seems also be more attractive, than the increasing surveillance in a world dominated by economic interests.

However there might be somebody, who’s watching – at least you’re able to watch yourself being mirrored in this ever changing „Mind Puzzle“.

Thank you!

It has been a great pleasure to share the details of my artwork in this little series. Thanks a lot for reading this far and for your interest in my art!

See you around,

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