Isolated Vincent (Remaster)

Daily Art 057/21

The work is part of a series in which I deal with self-portraits of Vincent van Gogh.

This time the subject of isolation is in the focus.

Through the Corona pandemic, we are all forced into a more or less intense form of isolation. Vincent was also isolated during his life and his art only found the recognition it deserved after his death.

Besides the fear that such unwanted isolation causes in most of us, it also offers the chance for an intense examination of ourselves and our own values and beliefs.

I first inflated the portrait a bit with a 3D effect, then isolated it from the background, and finally isolated the individual color patches of the portrait from each other by drawing digital borders.

This revealed the puzzle-like structure of a personality: We are all the product of many individual experiences and believes that come together to form the unique puzzle of our character.

Available as a unique #cryptoart #nft at Makersplace.