„Vincent“ – Digital Art 2019

Probably my most successful #cryptoart work so far. 15/25 have been sold so far at MakersPlace.

A digitally marbleized version of a famous dutch painter’s self portrait. The piece received more than 500 likes on Instagram so far.

Some voices from twitter users:
„Woah. Fresh!“
„Beautiful colour way. A great piece.“
„Gorgeous island in the pacific ~ named ‚VINCENT'“
„Not sure I’ve ever wanted to swim in an image this much!“ 

Please notice: „In my ongoing experiment about measuring the value of cryptoart, I decided to sell each edition of „Vincent“ for a higher amount, than the recent maximum price (currently $87.14 or the equivalent in Eth).“

You can get one of the last 10 editions, that will ever be created, at MakersPlace.


#digitalart #glitchart #cryptoart #post-impressionism #van-gogh #dailyart