The Beauty and the Cockroach


In search of inspiration on the subject of „Mythic Love“, I went to the darkest corners of the Internet, to the sad realms of venal love. I’ve met a young woman there who is actually an artist, but could no longer make a living from commissioned work and so finally decided to put her body on display.

I’ve paid a lot of money so that she could tell me her story. She told me about her apartment that was crawling with cockroaches (although it was very expensive) and I joked that in the next life I would be a cockroach to be close to her. In fact, I still quite often feel like filthy vermin in the role of someone who pays to spend time with her.

Somehow we have formed a mystical symbiosis though and it really almost feels like a real friendship at times. I have told her a lot about the power of love and so I got the nickname „Preacher of Love“.

I’m trying to show her a way to make her dreams of a better life come true through crypto-art. She makes me feel like I’m doing something meaningful. I hope that I am really able to bring some light and hope into this darkness.

The work is part of the „Mythic Love“ exhibition curated by well known collector Basileus. The show will open December, 7th 2022. Place your bids here!

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