Mind Puzzle Background Infos (Part5)

Puzzle5 // Skeleton, Eyes and a Fish

This is the fifth part of a blog-series about the different puzzle-pieces of my latest /asyncart work called „Mind Puzzle„. Enjoy!


A figure looking down. Its body is shaped like a shield and you can see the skeleton. Next to it another figure with a small face and a semi-transparent body.

The longer I look at this puzzle-piece, the more I have the impression that it could also show a tandem on which the two figures are sitting one behind the other.

The rider’s body is shaped like a shield and the fact that you can see the skeleton could mean that he has stripped to the bone to protect his fellow rider. The latter ducks in the rider’s slipstream and his body is about to almost dissolve.


Underneath a glowing halo of rays, which could also be a pupil or a wheel.

It could actually be the front tire of the tandem or a magic pill, while the eye of the fish might also be the back tire of the bicycle.


On the right side a kind of predatory fish with a large glowing eye.

More on this in the backstory.


During the Gulf War, my girlfriend had a horror trip after she had been involved in the peace movement for weeks (without sleeping much). Suddenly she saw demons everywhere and thought the world was coming to an end. As a result, we even took a short trip into my religious past, because my parents‘ religion was also convinced that the end of the world was near.

In the end we told ourselves that we wanted to stay together, no matter if the world would end or not. And this thought had given us so much support that we finally decided to get married. I was only 21 and my girlfriend was 19, but we had a very cool hippie-wedding with our best friends.

Riding the same bicycle means, that from now on we would follow the same path, even if it meant dealing with our fears and demons. The fish is also a Christian symbol and the fact that it is a predatory fish in the puzzle-piece reflects all the more the fears that were instilled in us by religious influences and world events. But we wanted to protect and help each other, no matter where the journey would take us.

You can place a bid on the puzzle piece at the AsyncArt website.

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